The Curious Garden

I had to write about this place because it seemed to be a restaurant specifically tailored for me. When I saw their spot in the Havasu Dining Guide brochure I picked up while waiting around in the hotel office for Alex to check us in, I was enamored. “25 types of grilled cheese sandwiches and 30 types of tea!” it boasted. I could’ve died right there: a restaurant dedicated to my favorite food and my favorite beverage? We walked there immediately.

This place is cute, quaint, and their sandwiches are superb. I went with the classic three cheese, while Alex got an avocado and salsa grilled cheese masterpiece. We sat in ecstasy for a good 40 minutes as we munched on cheesy goodness, sipped orange cinnamon chai (Alex) and country peach (mine) teas, dipped our sandwiches in tomato soup, and even ate the cutest little cream cheese and blackberry jelly paninis. I was over the moon: even the dessert was grilled cheese.

As unique and lovely as it was, a little bit of me almost wished there were more locations so I could eat here over and over again. I desperately wish to complete my little “buy 10 grilled cheeses, get one free” punch card, but unfortunately Alex and I probably won’t be vacationing here for a long while. Oh, the sadness.

I want to spread the word about this lovely little place, just in case anyone is passing through Lake Havasu, Arizona. If you eat anywhere, you definitely have to eat here, because this is one little vacation eat I’ll never forget.


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