Today’s Amazing Thrifting Finds


Okay so I’m really excited about all of these.  I’m going to start posting more personal fashion related posts, because my clothes are something I’m a wee bit obsessed with. I like looking cute, and I love looking cute on a budget.

First of all, the shorts were a great find. They were some big ol’ pants that as pants would be about a foot too long on my short legs, but cut off they make a really great pair of high-waisted shorts. I am really excited about the high-waisted shorts trend coming back, because I find them really flattering on my body; I have small waist that I like accentuating whenever possible. Also important fashion tip: thrifting is a great way to keep up with trends because things can be altered, and if it goes out of style you didn’t waste a shitton of money on it. Also you’re bound to find the best vintage pieces in resale stores for a quarter of the price in an expensive boutique. Goodwill is your friend.

Second, we have to talk about that purse. I love how small it is and the dark brown color, but the obvious best part of it is the wooden hand on the front that reads “DON’T TOUCH.” Simply great. The purse speaks both for itself and for me.

I’m pretty proud of the work I did on the Brooklyn shirt. I loved the material and the style of the lettering, so I altered what was a pretty baggy and weirdly-sleeved piece (just chopped those right off) into a great v-neck tank top that’s perfect for wearing a bandeau (or something of that nature) underneath, or great for layering with another tank top.

Last but not least, the great and comfortable braided brown leather sandals are sure to be a staple for me this spring. They are super cute and simple, so they’ll go with almost anything. Great buy for only $4.

I think tomorrow I’m going to add a few things to this and create some kind of an outfit, perhaps with a different top and/or bag. If you all are interested, let me know!


3 thoughts on “Today’s Amazing Thrifting Finds

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