Documentary Watching and Overeating

I made the mistake of drinking a caffe mocha at 7:00 p.m. to kickstart my homework binge, and while it definitely did its job, it slipped my mind that every time I drink coffee after six it keeps me up until at least two a.m.  On the bright side, I got all of my work done, plus wrote out two thank-you notes, applied for pen pal-ship on a pen pal blog, talked to Alex, and found some documentaries to watch. And it’s only one a.m., imagine that.

Tonight’s documentaries have very different subject matter. One is Hungry for Change, about the dieting, weightloss, and food industries, which is always a subject I’m interested in. The other is Bronies, which has an obvious subject. I’ve started on Bronies, and so far it’s definitely fascinating. It’s an aspect of “nerd culture” I’ve never exactly understood, but my opinion of the Bronies (and really any other fandom) is that of to each his/her own. I’m not going to judge you one what you do and don’t like. It’s how you treat yourself and the way you treat other people that’s the most important. There’s nothing wrong with liking something or someone, as long as you don’t constantly shove it in everyone’s faces/force it upon other people. This goes for musicians and religions too, just saying. Pretty much anything. *cough*.

Not much else really going on in my life. Weight still an issue. I’m frustrated and continue to lack any sort of willpower. Is there something I can do to improve my self control? Because when I feel hungry, I want to eat. I wish I made better choices…it’s just difficult because of the limited availability of healthy but filling foods here at college.

Does anyone know of any foods that help control cravings, especially at night? That and the period between lunch and dinner are my toughest times, because I always want to snack at night no matter what I eat for dinner, and if I don’t eat between lunch and dinner (which I often don’t have time to do because of my class schedule), I will almost definitely over-eat at dinner, especially because our goddamn cafeteria is buffet-style.

Help, my readers. Help.


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