An Adventurous Girl’s 2014 Agenda

I’ve mentioned my travel plans at least one or two times since starting this blog, the most recent being the news on my invite to the National College Media Convention in New York in March. I’m also aware that a few of my readers are really into travel and adventure, and this will probably be the most physically, mentally, geographically, and spiritually exploratory year of my life so far.

First, I will be going on a trip with my lovely boyfriend from March 2-7. This trip will be the definition of adventure, at least in my book. Lots of driving to far away lakes, exploring the American west from Yuma (where he is stationed), to Phoenix (where I am flying into), to Lake Havasu City, a beautiful lake that crosses the Arizona-California boarder and is a great spring break destination, all the way up to the Grand Canyon National Park (Alex has never been, I’m so excited to go with him!) and lower Nevada; the farthest north we’ll be traveling is the possible Las Vegas. I say possible because while we’re staying at Lake Havasu and going to the Grand Canyon is marked “mandatory” on our agenda, we may or may not decide to go to Vegas, even though it’s about an hour closer to the lake than the Canyon is. It really depends on what sort of adventurous mood we’re in.

One of the reasons I love America (I know, I know, getting all patriotic) is because its size gives it such beautiful geographic diversity. Just traveling a few hours north of my home puts you into the Blue Ridge mountains, an entirely new environment. Driving a couple hours south puts you in the tropical beaches of Miami and the Keys. Then, I can fly over 2000 miles, and, while still being in the exact same country, be in the middle of the desert. Growing up in the lush green of Florida and taking most family trips up into north Georgia and North Carolina means that the west is a very alien looking place to me, and I find it especially beautiful. I can’t wait to share all that with someone I love, as cheesy as that sounds. Just being able to take it all in with someone special makes the experience even more grand.

As soon as I get home and go through a mere two days of class, I will be jetting off to New York City from March 12-15 for the National College Media Convention, which will be spectacular. Right now, I will not go into all the reasons why I love New York. It just feels more to me like home than any other place I’ve ever been. Every time I visit, I’m more and more determined to live there someday. After all, I do have Brooklyn blood. A little tiny piece of me knows it’s part of my destiny to live in a big city or two for awhile, and I really need New York to be one of those.

May 13-30 will be one of the most exciting 17 days I’ve ever had, because for those 17 days I will be exploring London, Wales, and the western English countryside. The trip itself is actually a full 4-credit hour class, so I won’t just be meandering around doing whatever I want (except for bit of that in London and after-hours), I will be doing some serious academic exploration. This will be my first real trip out of America (I’m not counting a couple cruises I’ve taken to the Caribbean and Bahamas), and I am beyond pumped. This is sort of my one mini-opportunity to study abroad, since my little hand-crafted accelerated graduation plan means I can’t really take six months off from school and still get the credits I need.

(I’ll be posting a lot more about England as the trip gets closer, and I will do my best to update about my adventures while I’m over there, despite the workload of class-related items and my personal journal that I’ll be keeping up)

In late June and early July, I will be exploring Maine and Boston.  For anyone who doesn’t know: while Maine can be a killer in the winter, it is one of the most beautiful places to be in the summer. My parents and I did a Maine/Boston trip once before, but I was only seven and don’t have many clear memories. We’ll be staying in Rockland, Maine for a few days, and the catching the amazing Fourth of July fireworks display + Boston Pops concert in Boston. Boston is my boyfriend’s favorite big city, and he really wants us to live there in the future (very similar to the way I want to live in New York someday).

From August 4-11 (hopefully hopefully hopefully if I can raise the money but I’m really seriously hoping) I will be in our nation’s capital, Washington, D.C. with one of my only girlfriends from my hometown, named Hannah. We’ll be staying wither her incredibly interesting feminist politician great-aunt, spending a week exploring all the city has to offer, from museums to the country’s best cupcakes. I’ve been to Washington a few times in my life (including the common and infamous 8th grade field trip experience), but this will be the first time I will be able to explore it on my own, with no tour group or school guides to..well, guide me. How grown-up I feel.

I should also mention the likely possibility that I may be flying out to San Diego at the end of July to celebrate my boyfriend’s birthday with him and possibly attend San Diego Comicon (a nerd couple’s dream come true), but I will figure out those details after the spring break adventure and closer to the summer.

What a year, indeed. There will be other smaller trips possibly scattered throughout, but all in all I will spend more hours on an airplane this year than that of my entire life previous to 2014, and I’ve been jetting about America since I was barely two. I am completely redy for everything this year has to offer, travel mishaps, misadventures and all.


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