National College Media Convention

National College Media Convention

This week has been a great week, but to top it all off, I have been asked by the editor and chief of the school newspaper I write for to attend this event. Attending the National College Media Convention is probably one of the best opportunities I will have in college: I get to stay in New York City for four days, learn a ton about writing and broadcast (both things I may go into; I’m still on the fence because being a broadcast journalist sounds incredibly exciting but as you all have noticed, writing is my passion), meet real journalist including writers for papers like the New York Daily News, and on top of all that, my school pays for everything. My flight, the entrance fee, the rest of my transportation, a three-night stay in a hotel in Times Square, possible even some other expenses such as food (I am speaking more to the editor about this today).

I can’t even begin to explain how excited I am to be invited. New York is my favorite city in America, and I’ve been to quite a few (fyi: second place is San Francisco and third is Boston). This opportunity is really a gateway to dozens of opportunities at my school and beyond. If I attend, there is a really good possibility I will be able to jump right from being an unpaid staff contributor to a paid editor next school year. The fact that it will be only my second year of college and I’ll already be an editor is mind-blowing to be.

I know a lot of this is based on luck, but I do have to thank my writing skills a little bit. Of all the contributors for her to ask, who would not normally be invited, the editor picked me. I am really honored, really lucky, and just a little bit proud of myself.


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