Musical Events of the Day

Today has been a very calm and fairly antisocial day. Besides doing homework with my best friend in her room and playing some anxiety-filled few games of Jenga (the most stressful game of all time I swear), I spent the day in my room or in the tea room downstairs listening to The Beatles and the new Young the Giant Album, Mind Over Matter.

Oh, I bet you guys thought this post would be about the Grammy’s. I did not get a chance to catch those, but no artists I’m very devoted to were up for any awards, besides the ever-lovely Vampire Weekend and their nomination for Best Alt Album of the Year, which they won because they are absolutely lovely lovelies and that is my new favorite album of theirs. So besides that small point, this post is not about the Grammys. There we go.

This post is mostly about my musical thoughts as I sit here at 1:15 a.m. waiting for my blanket to get out of the dryer so I can get to bed. It’s a school night, and three things I’d love to do tomorrow morning are

-Actually go for a walk/run
-Take a shower so I can do my hair and look cute
-Eat breakfast food with Galen (best bud)

all before my first class, at 11. That seems pretty doable, I think. Unfortunately I never seem to actually wake up in time so I half-ass my hair and skip exercise altogether. Bad, Sarah. I’m really going to try this time though. At least for the shower, because I already promised breakfast with Galen so that seems to be concrete.

Anyway, music. Young the Giant is another wonderful band, and I’m just now giving their new album a listen-through. I like it so far, especially the first two songs (including the little album intro). I feel the more I listen, the more the different songs will start to individually grow on me.  This happens with a lot of new albums: the more I listen, the more certain songs just come out and suddenly stick with me. The first time I listened to the (award winning! ack!) Modern Vampires of the City I immediately was drawn to the upbeat “Finger Back,” it was a classic VW sounding song. Then after a couple listen-throughs I realized “Everlasting Arms,” especially when played with “Hanna Hunt” is a really lovely song.

Same with Young the Giant’s first self-titled album, I immediately loved “Strings,” and the upbeat “My Body,” and of course “Apartment,” which was the song that attracted me to them in the first place.

But three years later, my favorite song on that album is the originally overlooked slow and river-like song “Islands.” Something about listening to it as I drove through the barren but beautiful moonlike landscape of central California really made it stick. I think locations and songs and emotions can be all tied up with each other. The out-of-body memories of the Blue Ridge mountains I get when listening to “Dear Prudence” by the Beatles, the calm and jovial mountain lakes I remembered driving past as I played The Lumineers over and over again.

So yes…musical things. Yes. I could probably talk about the way music intersects and weaves its way through every section of my life for hours on end. I’ll stop now though (I’ll post more about the new YTG album after I’ve listened through a few times and have gotten a good feeling for it). If anyone wants to here more of my musical musings, feel free to comment. I’m going to go check on my poor damp blanket in the dryer.


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