Here Comes an Unnecessary Personal Rant

I didn’t start this blog wanting to post things like this; I want everyone who may be reading it to get that straight. Also on that note, shoutout to the few people who have followed me the past week. I just want you guys to know that you guys are really cool and I’m honored that you’re interested in things I have to say.

This post is mostly me “getting things off my chest” because lately my friends are driving me nuts. I know I’m a lucky duck white girl and all that stuff (I posted about that earlier, trust me, I get it). Also I want to unleash this tiny rant onto the world, and all my other social media outlets are followed by my friends that I am referencing here (this is getting deleted from my tumblr the second it auto-publishes because I’m too dumb and frankly too lazy to know how to turn that function off from this page). Everyone is just being extremely petty and catty and nobody has any patience for each other. We went an entire semester without this happening, so I do not know what everyone’s deal is with each other all of a sudden. It’s like something clicked in everyone after we got back from winter break and suddenly everyone has a huge problem with someone else in the group and I don’t know where all these negative feelings have come from.

People are constantly ragging on each other and snapping at each other. Suddenly no-one has any tolerance for even the small little annoying quirks we all have. I feel like maybe we all shouldn’t even be real friends if we can’t tolerate those kind of small things, really. This level of just…extreme bitchiness is something that needs to absolutely stop. People will talk about another person when that person is literally mere feet away. Not to even mention what people say to each other behind backs. We even had this little group powwow last Monday that was supposed to let everyone air their shit about each other and someone that was supposed to help. But really, I don’t think it helped anything, because less than a week later we are back to the exact same bullshit that we had last week.

Honestly, I’m not going to name names here (no point anyways, none of you lovely readers know these people), but now that I’ve been writing about this and thinking about it, it’s kind of just one person who has been acting extremely toxic lately. She has been personally attacking one or two other people and then attempting to get other girls on her side. This level of high-school dumbassery is not something I am cool with at all.

Unfortunately, I’m a huge coward. I will freely admit it: I am a huge damn coward and I do not have the guts to talk to her about this. Because right now, I’m on her good side, and after 12 years of schooling in which I was picked on because I absolutely refused to be on the good sides of all the head girls at school because they were vapid and their personalities were bland, I am on someone’s good side and I want to stay there.

I don’t even know where this post is going anymore. I’m just very frustrated and I am glad I have a close-knit group of friends because I have never been in a group of girl friends before, but I wish I had branched out more.

I’ll post about something cool and relevant tomorrow, guys. I’m sorry.


2 thoughts on “Here Comes an Unnecessary Personal Rant

  1. First off, can I just say *hi five* for being in the same boat with the whole auto posting to tumblr thing,(I keep a tab open to tumblr whenever I post something on here so I can go delete before anyone see’s it) which I will one day find the energy to fix….maybe…probably not šŸ˜›
    Anyways, I think it’s fantastic that you can be open about whats on your mind, especially with posting it here. I keep everything in and for me “letting it out” means finally spilling words on journals and various notebooks (like you’ve seen, i’ve quite the collection xD). And…that’s probably not healthy. But anywho, I think the stuff that’s going on, it’s worth a post, a tiny rant even, ’cause to be perfectly honest, I think it’s amazing you haven’t snapped already….I think I would’ve already probably dumped a carton of orange juice or something on the unnamed persons head. Annnnnnd that’s why I didn’t survive regular highschool probably. I really hope things get better once the semester is more underway, or spring break looms closer.

    • Thank you >w< I journal a lot on paper too, but lately with some of the things I've been feeling, one of those feelings is "nobody ever listens to me/cares about anything I have to say" and so just writing it in my journal makes me feel like nobody's really hearing me out. At least on here I know SOMEBODY must be reading it, even if it's nobody I know personally it still gives that same sense of some kind of release. šŸ™‚

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