Twitter Escapes Me

I don’t think I will ever feel quite like a normal internet user, because I personally have yet to see the appeal of Twitter, and I also feel like a jerk, because all my attempts to explain my complete and utter apathy towards Twitter just results in more question marks. There are so many social networks, all of which seem to rise and fall in popularity over time as well as in my own personal favor (sorry myspace, I missed the myspace boat entirely). Besides tumblr and facebook, the reason I end up joining a lot of things is because of recommendations (and yes, peer pressure) from friends. Everyone I know has a Twitter. Celebrities have Twitters. Even the Pope tweets. I myself do have an account, but every time I try to use it, I just stare at the screen of my laptop or phone unable to come up with anything witty or meaningful to tweet about.

I’ve heard lectures and testimonies and as Elaine Benes would say, yadda yadda yadda about Twitter time in and time out, but honestly I just do not get the point. There’s already enough blurbs of unnecessary information about people I only half-care about all over facebook, and I feel like twitter is almost promoting the idea of “let’s post every time I tie my shoelace” even more. In one of my classes we learned about how Twitter was  an “essential” part of the Arab Spring, some Egyptians even nicknaming it “The Twitter Revolution.” How? How can a site that’s 99% blurbs of useless and unneeded information be that vital? I understand that it was a fast, easy way to spread information, activist ideas, and even all-too-real videos and photographs about the political atmosphere but..come on. You can literally use almost any other internet platform, the information is spread just as quickly (well, depending on your wifi connection), and guess what, you can write more than your average oldschool text message.

I mean yes, I see the upsides. Short and concise can really be nice. But I feel like most of the tweets out there should be things that never should really even be posted and probably wouldn’t be had the opportunity to quickly spurt it out on a whim in 140 little letters and spaces had not been there. One thing I’ve learned in my short adult life is that you should never post anything public or answer an email when you’re angry. You will no doubt write things out of anger that then will essentially be out there for the rest of your life and beyond. Oops. Then, imagine reading back over all your old spur-of-the-moment, I’m-pissed-at-my-boyfriend or I’m-drunk-let-me-share-the-shape-of-my-excrement tweets (or facebook posts, for that matter. It just seems to happen a lot more on Twitter).

It’s quite surprising the amount of annoying frivolity one can fit into 140 characters.


2 thoughts on “Twitter Escapes Me

  1. God it’s fantastic to know i’m not the only one who looks at Twitter like “O___o”. I see it’s usefulness of course but….i’m just gonna stay over here on this side of it, at this point joining seems like effort I can’t come up with.

    • I know. When I was talking to my friends as I was writing this post, it turns out a couple of them also don’t see the point, yet besides one, all of them have or have made an account at some point, including myself. Madness I say! 🙂

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