There’s a reason for all this.

Today was my first day of a communications class I’m taking this semester called Transnational Activism and New Media. WordPress is one of the platforms we’re going to be using a lot in the class. While there’s an account made specifically for the class itself by our professor, I figured I should try to give real and regular blogging a shot.

I have a tumblr. Anyone who really uses tumblr knows that 90% of what is done on tumblr is not blogging in any real traditional sense of the word. You mostly “reblog” posts from other, which are also mostly photos. Tumblr is a great way to socialize, share random thoughts, and definitely a nice way to get a few laughs (there are a surprising amount of amusing people there). Tumblr is also a great platform for activism: the reblog feature makes it very easy for activism idea posts to be spread around.

However, I’m a writer at heart (thus the lame title I picked for this blog which I’m probably just going to change later tonight, or a least later this week, we’ll see). I want to actually have a blog where I can share and write down my legitimate, sometimes scholarly (but maybe not) ideas and thoughts. The chances of anyone really reading this are slim to none, but still. I have a handwritten journal that I keep up regularly, but that’s mostly for the private, often lame, angst-ridden schoolgirl problems I will admit that I have, despite the fact that I try not to exhibit that side of myself in public very often

I’ll do an about me post in a little while in case the one random dust bunny floating around out there is reading this and wants to know what kind of person I am.


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